Today we commemorate a birthday of the late Jozef Bednárik.
I would like to share my memory of this great man and artist in this article.

Beďo, we miss you. I miss you and this nation misses you. We all miss your humour and your always precisely aimed remarks. We miss your emotions, your yelling, and your kindness at the same time. And most importantly, we miss your art. I often wonder what you would say if you saw what is going on here... 
What you would tell me about my new premiere and what premiere you would make. I feel like I was left alone here. You and Nosáľ have left, and I have no-one to slap me, advise, or stroke me. Slappings, they're still given away, but when given by you, they were honest. And we also miss your scent, which always spilled throughout the theatre... Beďko, we miss you!