Balet - Opera

The Abduction from the Seraglio

Premiere 2017

Photo: Anton Sládek /

“Jan Durovcik’s entry into opera is welcome and immediately successful“

"Modern but convincing“

"Colourful and imaginative“

“Comical scenes sophisticatedly playful and the serious ones highlighting emotions“
Pravda daily, Slovakia

The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Premiere 2012

Košice State Theatre

„The viewer can definitely look forward to this..."

„Ďurovčík is also a sophisticated "magician...“

„...Truly a phenomenal comeback to Košice..."
Korzár SME

„The scene is truly dazzling, it is worth to see it from a nice close up."
Korzár SME

„The Hunchback of Notre Dame si a grandious material for analysing relationship and love differentiation."


Premiere 2007

Slovak Dance Theatre

„...worth to see...“
SME, Bratislava

„Is there an alternative way of expressing love?“
Pravda, Bratislava

„...Ďurovčík bets on the each performer individuality...“, Slovak Republic

„...the dancers tear into the space with eruptive energy, balancing on the limits of safety.“, Slovak Republic


Premiere 2007

Slovak National Theatre

„... a fabulous piece...“
Bratislavské noviny, Bratislava

„... we may leave the children at home. They will regret.“
Bratislavské noviny, Bratislava

„... Popolvár is surprising by its wit and invention.“
SME, Bratislava

„The scene (...) is breath-taking“
SME, Bratislava

My country

Premiere 2005

State Opera Prague

„The three - dimensional My Country brings great value of a new approach.“
Hudební rozhledy, Prague

„Very sofisticated concept and perfection.“
Lidové noviny, Prague

My Country dances like fo survival.“
Právo, Prague

„Radical staging explanations.“
MF Dnes, Prague

Les Noches, The Firebird

Premiere 2004

National Theatre Tokyo

"standing ovation after standin ovation"
The Pargue Post, Prague

"the spectators spontaneously stood up from their seats and with more than 20 minute applause evaluated work of the choreographer and the dancers"
SME, Bratislava

"perfect emotion"
The Slovak Spectator, Bratislava

"unigue event"
Smena, Bratislava

"rubbery dancers hurl ideas one by one"
Nový čas, Bratislava


Premiere 2004

Theatre SND

" Great artistic approach to the scene and costumes, anyway, the most decisive valueof this staging belongs to the modern direction and choreography"
Bratislavské noviny, Bratislava

" People , their deeds, love and hate in the modern virtuoso ballet..."
SME, Bratislava

" Another staging worth to see..."
Umenie net, Slovakia

" Resurrection of male dancing in the revitalizing neo-antigue ballet of the Slovak National Theatre..."
24 hodín, Bratislava




Premiere 2003

Slovak National Theatre

„The ballet of passionate Rasputin ...a perfect artistic staging of the history.“
Britské listy, Prague

„Extraordinary phenomen of a world premiere.“
Theatro, Bratislava

„Scenes full of humour, erotics, as well as sarcastic criticism...“
Pravda, Bratislava


Syphony of Psalms

Premiere 2000

National Theatre Brno

"excellent job"
MF Dnes, Prague

Rovnost, Brno

„agonized discovering of Christ in ordinary human souls“
Rovnost, Brno

„THOUGHT - PROVOKING experience“
Den, Prague


The magic flute

Premiere 1999

The J.K.Tyl Theatre Plzeň

„Eye - catching“
MF Dnes, Prague

„Performance of world quality attributes“
Denní Telegraf, Prague

„The spectators watch with their MOUTHS OPEN...“
Zemské noviny, Prague

„Fantastic artistic creation“
Rovnost, Brno


Premiere 1997

National Theatre Brno

„rich imagination and the remarkable use of stage space“
Brnenský večerník, Brno

„Rhytm, dynamics, certain earthiness and impressive interpretation dominate Ďurovčíkś  choreography...“
Denní Telegraf, Prague

WONDERFUL perormance of great dancers...“
MF Dnes, Prague

„Emotionally strong staging showing the beauty, dynamics and master interpretation...“
Rovnost, Brno

The rite of spring

Premiere 1996

Slovak National Theatre

" Dance explosion"
Večerník, Bratislava

"magnet arousing attraction of the spectators"
Pravda, Bratislava

"rudimentally earthy choreography, paganly wild, humanly frank, inventive in its forms"
Nový deň, Bratislava

"the staging of MAGIC and strong spirit"
Večerník, Bratislava

"fantastic idea, dynamic and strongly expressive"
SME, Bratislava