Premiere 2018

Photos: (C) Divadlo Nová scéna
Divadlo Nová scéna

“Received thunderous applause“
Nový čas daily, Slovakia

“Something never seen before“

“A musical that will stir many questions in you“

“Ďurovčík took on another great challenge“


Premiere 2018

„Huge success“

„Adults and kids were leaving thrilled (about the show)“
Bratislavské noviny

„Great, children could not take their eyes away from the show“


Premiere 2016

Tower Stage Theatre

"Honest children's joy and long applause.“ 

"Christmas theatre season hit“

„Unceasing laughter and glowing looks from children that could not take their eyes away from the stage“
Plus 1 deň daily


Premiere 2016

Theatre Tower Stage
Theatre Kalich

"Ďurovčík and Žbirka have conquered Prague"
Nový čas

"Energy, complexity and contagious joy"
MF Dnes

"Excellent solo singing performances"

"Czech audience was thundering"
Plus 1 deň

"The closing act takes everybody´s breath away"

Jesus Christ Superstar

Premiere 2015

Theatre Tower Stage

"An absolute peak”
 Nový čas

"Excellent singing and acting performances of world class"

“Amazing adaptation, brilliant performances, standing ovation”


Painted on the glass

Second run Premiere 2014

Theatre Tower Stage

"Ladies in the audience held their breath"

"the musical like this has not been here 10 years"
Alexej Pyško

"Breathtaking varied spectacle with extensive dance numbers"

"Never doubt that it is really to look forward to"



Saturday Night Fever

Premiere 2014

Theatre Kalich

"One of the leading events of the musical season"

"Explosive fireworks of ferocity, playfulness and the joy of motion"
MF Dnes

"A 100% professional show that will make you dance in your seat"

"Awesome watching"

"Thrilling dancing and singing show that takes away audience's breath"

Romeo and Juliet

Premiere 2013

Theatre Nová scéna

„ Spectacular!"
Nový čas

„The dance performances reflect not only Ján Ďurovčík´s dynamic feeling but also professionalism of the Dancers from the Slovak Dance Theatre..."
SME, Bratislava

„…verging on the upper edge of the emotional range..."
SME, Bratislava

„...the audience is moved to tears..."
Katarina Zagorski

„Ďurovčík is a theatre magus for whom a maximum performance doesn´t mean going at hundred but at least at hundred and twenty percent."


Premiere 2012

Theatre Tower Stage
Theatre Kalich

"...I saw the best solo dancers I have ever seen in my life. Better than in America, Australia or anywhere else in Europe."
Ronald S. Taft, holder of the musical rights

„The musical was appreciated by the audience with twenty minutes of standing ovations."

„Great fun and positive energy, and all of that in superior direction and absolutely excellent choreography of Jan Ďurovčík."

„Once again, Ján Ďurovčík gets the absolute maximum out of every cast member, everyone is dancing for their life
and the sweatsoaked shirts at the end of the show make for clear evidence.

Eighth Continent

Premiere 2011

Kalich theatre
Theatre Nová scéna

Robin Hood

Premiere 2010

Theatre Kalich

„unlike any other domestic piece"
Lidové noviny

„...brave approach to the legend..."

„Fans of the genre can hold a little celebration"
MF Dnes

„Now we see how it goes! "
MF Dnes

„Professional! "
Musical -


Premiere 2009

Theatre Tower Stage

„Trendy and attractive comedy..."

„It´s been a great honour. "
Peter Nagy, music composer

„Sold out! "

„ of the top musical voices in Slovakia."

„Six beautiful singers presenting not only their adorable figures but also excellent singing treats."

West Side Story

Premiere 2008

Theatre Nová scéna

„Nela Pocisková with her gentle look and crushing voice..“
SME, Bratislava

„They danced fully with energy, passion and technic brilliance...“
Pravda, Bratislava

„The stage has subjugated the audience since first musical tones...“
Bratislavské noviny, Bratislava

„Everybody cried during the closing bow.“
Plus 1 deň, Bratislava