Tanečné divadlo


Premiere 2020

"A magnificent return of the romantic story of Romeo and Juliet."
HN Slovakia, Bratislava

"The Romeo and Juliet staging gives you goose bumps."
TV JOJ, Bratislava

"The premiere showed that the return of a well-known masterpiece in non-traditional staging was
the right step."
TA3, Bratislava

"The magnificent return of Romeo and Juliet."
Topky, Bratislava

"Breath-taking performances."
Zoznam TV, Bratislava

The Tree

Renewed premiere 2018

Photo: Igor Stančík

“A perfect artistic staging“
Britské listy, Czech Republic

“Author masters his work“
SME daily, Slovakia

“Scenes full of humour, eroticism, as well as sarcastic criticism…“
Pravda daily, Bratislava

Richard III.

Slovakia Premiere 2017

photo: Marian Jaslovský
Tower Stage Theatre

"...highly compelling..."
Kleine Zeitung, Graz

"Breathtaking music and dancing ... "
Sonja Radkohl, dance critic

"Escalating to absolute perfection.."
Kleine Zeitung, Graz

Richard III

Premiere 2013

Theatre Tower Stage
Graz Opera

„...highly compelling..."
Kleine Zeitung, Graz

„breathtaking music and dancing ... "
Sonja Radkohl, dance critic

„ Escalating to absolute perfection.."
Kleine Zeitung, Graz


Premiere 2010

Theatre Tower Stage


”Carmen" in its 50 minutes provides much more emotions
than any three hours lasting with heartbreaking arias.”


“breathtaking unconventional choreography”



Tokyo Premiere 2004 Bratislava Premiere 2008

Theatre Tower Stage

"... one of the finest young male leads I have ever seen!"
Vanessa Threapleton, BBC

"Amazing to feel the passion of these young dancers up close"
LondonDance, London

"...the performers give their all"
Graham Watts, London

De Echo, Amsterdam



I shall spit on your graves

Premiere 2006

Slovak Dance Theatre

„Their effort filled us with unruly passion.“
New York Times, New York

„elaborate and strenous movements“
New York Times, New York

„suggestive combination of acting and dancing nails spectators to their seats.“
Slovenská republika, Bratislava

„movement perfection balanced with spoken words...“
Slovo, Bratislava

„exceptional experience“
Národná obroda, Bratislava


Premiere 2005

Slovak Dance Theatre

„Impressive..., triumphal evening..., long lasting standing ovations“
Markíza, Bratislava

„A mirror of a Slavonic soul“
EL PAIS, Madrid

„Extraordinary project...“
Korzár, Košice

„Strongly emotional hit, a lot of people in tears...“
SME, Bratislava

Romeo and Juliet

Premiere 2004

„devilishly good!“
Petržalské noviny, Bratislava

„contemporary staging for wise spectators“
MF Dnes, Praha

„the unique adaptation of Shakespeare“
Právo, Praha

„raw and courageous...“
Lidové noviny, Praha

„postmodern collage of genres, inspirations and improvisations“
Panoráma, Bratislava

The Tree

Premiere 1999

"A life expressed by movements, concentrated experience of generations and variou cultures"
Košický denník, Košice

Zemské noviny, Prague

"The cristal wing award winning , breath-taking performance"
Lidové noviny, Prague

"Hits your hearts"
Večerník, Bratislava

MF Dnes, Prague